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Complainers will complain, as Haters will hate. Dreamers will dream, the Faithful will WTF? Its all in your head. Your dog doesn't know.?

-The Greatest Youtube Comment of All Time

The Unsocial Network was released onto the internet on August 31, 2016 at 8:31 pm on my sixteenth birthday. This site will act as an archive for anything that I create, which could exist in any medium. I don't have a schedule as of now so check back whenever.

What people have to say about The Unsocial Network

It looks very 1997

-Some Dude from my Dad's work.

The headings are not very descriptive.

-Net Home


You can email me at admin@theunsocialnetwork.xyz for any questions, comments, and concerns pertaining to the unsocial network. You don't even have to write to me in English is you want. Do note that as a precaution, I will not be opening any links, so if you want to directly send me a page, separate the period in between the domain name and registry with a DOT. Or, you can contact me directly from my twitter via link to the side. Thanks in advance.