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I decided that because this site had been around long enough, so I may as well write something that isn't just a mission statement.

I get asked by a lot of people, Why did you make a website? and to that I respond, because I thought it would be fun. In reality, I made this website as a response to the people who say the internet is ruining lives. Namely, people like this:

I have been informed by a many of old people that millennials and gen zedders spend too much time on the internet and it's ruining their social lives. I respond to that notion with a simple, who cares? It's not my issue that everyone else is becoming duller by the day. Besides, I don't even think social media is ruining people's social lives. I don't know if you have noticed, but people are communicating now more than ever, whenever they want. The issue lies in that while what people are saying is being communicated, the ideas of the communicator are not. That's why I made The Unsocial Network, not to network the words of the people, but the ideas of the individual. And that individual is me. And they can't say this is a waste of time because I'm learning useful skills while maintaining a website.

Actually that is a lie. I made this website to tell jokes.



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Bio: Employee of the year, every year.

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