FANDOMS: For the intents of this resource will refer to any cult or community surrounding a work of fiction. These fine ladies and gentlemen have decided to got out of their way to not only build a culture around their favorite work, but made the aformentioned work a member of their personality. These pop culture parasites are a crouching nuseince for art conniseures, not for their tastes but for their very being. By spiritually aligning yourself with that of a work of fiction, you have become one with the fiction, and thus apart of the critic.

Many argure that the community that surrounds a work is irrelevant to the quality of the work. I agree, to some extent. The quality of the work is not dependent on it's community, but the community is dependent on the work. The community that surrounds a work is a byproduct of the work, and soon finds itself in the seat of influence. Corperations look to their markets for who to pander and manipulate to maximize profits. The more we let degeneracy thrive, the more our art suffers, and that is why degenerate fandoms strike ire into the hearts of the normalicy.

In order to measure the concentration of refined degeneracy in a community, we need a metric. No one cares enough to do it, and I have nothing better to do, so I present to you:


Tier Description Examples
Level 1 Fandoms which are NORMAL have no distinct qualities other then you will never stop hearing about this work from these people. Everyone has to tell you about how essential these works are. This tier is very much a black sheep, for you are looked at funny for not being a fan of these works. The Beatles, Game of Thrones, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Seinfeild, The Simpsons, Star Wars, Sports
Level 2 Fandoms which are QUALITY are cool dudes who just want to have a good time with a work they like. A quality fandom makes good art, good (atleast semi-original) literature, and are accepting of the shows flaws. They are generally cool towards alternative interpretations of the show as long at it's not completely retarded. Like a radioactive isotope, this kind of brand will quickly decay into something toxic if not taken care of like an elderly woman with ahlzheimers and arthritis. Bojack Horseman, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jojos Bizarre Adventure, Lisa: The Painful RPG
Level 3 Fandoms which are CONTRARIAN are caught in an unfortunate middle ground. Most shows with an internet following at all are in this catagory. The reason for being in this catagory might be because it has a mix of Level 2 and Level 4 mentality, or because it really is full of insane people, but not for better or for worse. Most anime and all youtubers belong in this catagory. Cuphead, Doctor Who, Overwatch, Star Trek
Level 4 Fandoms which are NICHE can't be that big, can they? Some members of these fandoms might be ironic, but that still makes them awful people. The gap between Level 4 and Level 5 is the smallest, and those two groups possess the work to be objectivly terrible as a prerequisite. Homestuck, My Chemical Romance, Undertale
Level 5 Fandoms which are DEGENERATE have ascended from the flame of mortality. Those who partake in these communities are the most vile creatures to roam the earth. They possess no sense of self-awareness and no taste for the arts. They turn a blind eye towards other works and sneer and any criticism lobbed at their own. They find it hard to make friends with anyone who isn't as much of a fan as they are. They make horrendous art and write dispicable addendums for the work they find so beloved and can't understand why they are never taken seriously as artists themselves. Though a member of one of these groups may refer to their tastes as refined and might see themselves as a higher modum of humanity, never let them forget that their hive like mentality makes them the true philistines. Their devotion to the work might even be the tamest of their hobbies. Harry Potter, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Rick and Morty, Sonic The Hedgehog, Steven Universe
Level 6 Fandoms which are IRONIC lend themselves to an obscure demographic which are almost normal. They revel in the fact that they partake a show which is so increadably good, or so increadibly bad, or so increadably both, that it creates an environment of self awareness. They know that they are losers for consuming media. They surpass the requirements for being a Level 5 and become normal people again. These people can hold a job and have friends outside of their community. A show cannot construct itself to have this kind of surrounding, the surrounding finds them. Team Fortress 2, Xavier: Renegade Angel
Level 7 You need schizophrenia in order to enjoy this. Where The Dead Go To Die
Level 8 A hypothetical tier for completely insane works which never see the light of day. null

If you feel as though I left out a quintessential member of a tier, then please consider the final tier.

Level 9 Fandoms that are DEAD have fucking died. Have you heard of these, because I haven't heard from them in a while. They might be necromanced someday, and god rest our souls.