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Gary Busey is a pretty cool guy.

He is a master of acronyms.

His interviews are funny.

He likes to watch the TV.

Five parts of his brain contain alien power. It gives him the energy of ten men.

He wants you to stay SOBER.

He loves you, and is the one who actually gives presents to all the good Christan boys and girls on Christmas day. That's his level of dedication to his work.

A review of his best movie.

Lethal Weapon was made in 1987 and it was a good movie. He played the bad guy, Mr. Joshua. It had Mel Gibson and Danny Glover running around being epic and solving mysteries. All mysteries solved after this movie are aquitted to the screenplay.

In the end, Mel Gibson and Gary Busey have a hell of a fight (imdb's words, not mine) and he loses. But that's ok because Mel Gibson is badass too.

This movie turns out to be a Christmas movie after all in a shocking twist. Mel Gibson says to a gravestone, "Merry Christmas, I love you" and it was very touching. Merry Christmas Mel Gibson, merry Christmas Danny Glover, and merry Christmas to Gary Busey.

What a great movie. I highly recommend it. I'm serious, I actually like this movie, and you should watch it if you havn't already.



We all learned a lot about Gary Busey today. I hope someday we can all appriciate the actors and actresses that matter.