The letter H is the worst thing ever. Just look at how annoying this is.

A Critical Study of the Letter H

According to multiple sources, H is the worst letter ever invented. This very serious essay will highlight the faults and downfalls of H.

Even the Spanish Don't Want It

It is a common practice amongst Spanish speaking denizens to act as though the letter H does not exist. It's there, but never spoken of. It's like a specter, looming from the shadows, waiting for the right time to strike. It won't be long before the H's rises up and take control of the Spanish and Latin American government, the ones who expect it the least.

Pittsburg vs. Pittsburgh

A very important website says that Pittsburgh shouldn't even have an H. Would you just look at that slimy jagoff? That's the H, trying to wedge it's way into a place where it doesn't belong. Please keep your antics in Philadelphia where no one would want to look for you.


I don't care.

Atich vs. Haitch

Did you know that there is controversy in the UK over how to pronounce the letter H? I'm not kidding. This is internet serious business. I don't understand how anyone got this far without mentioning the obvious


without being questioned. It's right there. I will not stand for this. If only there was a way to express my rage on this Holiday Inn-gate. That's twice the hotels for twice the irritation.

By the way, have you guys ever heard of coingate? I just wanted to ask to make sure the joke wasn't lost on a general audience.


Category Rating Notes
Artistic Value -10 No artistic structure.
Community -10 Who?
Cost 10 Fine, it's free, I'll give it that.
Didactic Undertones -10 Nothing interesting about it.
Humor -10 My migraines are funnier than H.
Intrigue -10 Boring
Irritability 7 Not that bad.
Philosophical Integrity -10 Nothing in the way of reason for this shape to be of intellectual value.
Pretentiousness 5 I don't see any H based movements, do you?
Sophistication -10 None
Total -48 I'm disappointed.


Was this project worth the two weeks spent on it? No. Was it even a two week project? NO. However, all is not lost, as I have learned how to animate with CSS. And that - in itself - is more of a hassle than anything I have ever done in my entire life.

It's worth noting that it's really late right now, so I will clean up this page tomorrow. Use the arrow in the browser to go back.