Comic Sans is the Worst Font of All Time

It has been scientificaly proven by a crack team of nerds that Comic Sans is the worst font of all time. Studies show that 46% of all people who use Comic Sans are both artistically and intellectually studded, making them stupid by legal definition. The other 54% are trying to be ironic or making a conscious attempt to strain other peoples eyes. In an interview with one of these nerds I came across an interesting statistic regarding the truth behind Comic Sans. Did you know that four out of every five dentist's recomend chewing gum over Comic Sans? Comic Sans may be sugarless, but that doesn't suspend it from being a pain on the cornias.

The Truth About Comic Sans

Comic Sans is very







Even Doors Hate Comic Sans

Standards are very hard to come by these days.
I like how he handled the situation.

A List Of Reasons Why Comic Sans is Kind Of Goofy


Category Rating Notes
Artistic Value -9 At least use Garamond or something.
Community -10 Teachers, morons, and hipsters who think a dumb font choice is ironic.
Cost 8 The only good thing about Comic Sans is that it's free. They should pay me to have to look at it.
Didactic Undertones -2 I used to think Comics Sans was not a real font, but a satire of fonts. Now I'm not too sure.
Humor -10 It may actually detract from making anything funny.
Intrigue 4 How other people think it's funny I can't be sure.
Irritability -10 It's everywhere.
Philosophical Integrity 1 What is a font without a serif, if we do not serif ourselfs?
Pretentiousness -10 It doesn't impress anyone if done for a joke. It just makes their eyes hurt.
Sophistication -7 It looks like a four year old made it.
Total -45 C'est tres bete.


Usually, html documents default to Times New Roman. Even that's better then Comic Sans MS.

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