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Rest in Peep

Now the rest of him is pink.

Who Listens to This Crap?

Lil' Peep was a member of a movement called meme rap, a brand of music intended to strike the listener as bad on purpose. What seperates the cream from the crap is that Peepers Boy believed himself to be a serious artist. This resulted in a legion of thirteen year-olds who think that unmetered mumbly poetry over a soundcloud loop is sophisticated and high class art. I am here to confirm, that this album is not art.

Who was Lil Boy Peep?

Peepers was a complete loser from New York who went to Los Angeles to make music. He became famous because the market prefers hack artists as opposed to anyone with talent. Later, he released an album called, Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 1 and the title is funny for two reasons. First, part one implies that there is going to be a part two, and second, Lil Peep will never be sober again. Music critic Jon Caramanica called him the The Kurt Cobain of Lo-Fi rap which combined with the name of his only album is hysterical. He died a week ago because he OD'd (took six of these pills) on Xanax, not heroin you degenerate liar you know who you are.

Will He Be Remembered Fondly?

I won't remember writing this article in about a month, but yes, some will moarn him. Will I mourn him? I don't know, I haven't heard the album yet. I'll see what he left behind and tell you what I make of it.


Just a disclaimer, this article was commissioned for free by my friends, and I should have asked them to pay me.

benz truck

The idea behind this track is that he has a truck, but it's a mercades benz truck, and he made the windows dark like a limosene. If that makes no sense what so ever, never fear, that is not point of the track. The main idea is that he is now in a group called "gothboiclique" which is one of the worst names for anything ever. It is also about how everyone wants to have the sex with peepoo. I wish he would have chosen a consistent theme with this line of work.

Save That Shit

This next track has satanic undertones, which may hold a clue as to how he died. In this one, he tells a girl that he can make her rich, but she will change because of it. This is the most boring one, in spite of pepper being Satan in this one.

Awful Things ft. Lil Tracy

This next one is about BDSM, which may be yet another clue as to how he died so abruptly. He wants a girl to say awful things to him. This guy is a loser.

U Said

This one is a doozy. This track is called, "U Said," but it's about how he wants to get doped up after agreeing to not see a girl ever again. What?

Better Off (Dying)

This is the only track on the playlist that does not predict his death. It's about him dying from a cocaine overdose. lol.

the brightside

He is sad and doesn't name an upside. What am I listening to?


This is not a list of problems I have with the album, but yet another track on the playlist. In this one, peeple is not the devil and wants to have a deal with him. I want him to make up his mind.

What did we learn?

The reason why he died in his sleep was because if he made a conscious decision to kill himself, he would have spent too much time deciding between if he should put his head through a rope or a spike. if he would ever make a decision, then he would have to write a suicide note. After he finishes a suicide note, he would now have lyrics to a track that is worth my time and he would no longer have to kill himself.

Now, I don't want to make light of over dosing on drugs. If any of you in the audience have overdosed on drugs before and died, you have by deepest condolences.


Category Rating Notes
Artistic Value -6 Who?
Community -7 Little kids
Cost 4 Ch(p)eap
Didactic Undertones 2 He was satan at one point and then he wasn't
Humor -10 It's so boring. Something needed to lighten the mood.
Intrigue -4 What did a dead man leave behind? Not much.
Irritability -10 Very annoying.
Philosophical Integrity -1 From this guy?
Pretentiousness 2 It knows what it is, atleast
Sophistication -9 No
Total -39 Not the worst score on the planet, but still not good. Don't buy this.

I want to make this clear, I have nothing against the guy. I didn't even know he existed until a day before his death when someone told me who he was. This is all just a joke about how bad his music is and how a guy called him the Kurt Cobain of emo-hiphop (seriously) so no hard feelings. If any over you are at a loss as to what you must listen to next, there are atleast thirty musicians just like him. But I do seriously hope that all of his fans are doing fine.

Oh, and happy thanksgiving.

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