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This webcomic is so funny. It made me lol and xd.

This webcomic is bad.

This is one of the worst webcomics ever made. Most webcomics are the worst webcomics ever made, but I can assure you that this webcomic stands out as one of the worst. To me, it stands out in that people actually like it. I have to ask, why? Is it out of some necessity to feel sympathy for the main character? I don't know about you, but I did not feel any sympathy for the titular Nana. I didn't have a reason to, there wern't any stakes to her struggle. She doesn't achieve anything if she succeeds, so why bother looking into if she get what she wants? A part of this also has to do with how she's not real. If a real person went through what she endured, I would feel bad, but she would also be dead.

Who reads this crap?

Good question

I don't know who reads this crap, I have never met anyone who reads this crap. I only know of people online who read this crap and thought it was pretty good. Lets go over a few forum posts, as there are no Nana's everyday life reviews before now.

Anyone who loves Elfen Lied will love Nana\'s Everyday Life. There are a few funny parts, but for most of the story you will feel for Nana and her heartbreaking tale. The style is adorable and somehow fits the overall mood.


Who cares and why?

I couldn't find anything else about the comment so here are some excepts from a reddit thread.


Nana's Everyday Life. I have watched the series that she is from, it's really sad and disturbing. Nonetheless thanks for the post.

Please think of the reddit men.

Ok im about to burst in tears,AT WORK, the nana ones get sadder and sadder omg

Someone's getting promoted.

Aw man Nana's everyday life is just so sad.

no u

the nana comics are based off of the "elfin lied" universe, an anime that you can watch on youtube. it's about there being an evolved human species and how humans have been treating hthem.

Hey! Hey you! The reader! Do you like anime? Then why don't you go fuck off and read a book.



Possibly one of the biggest progenitors of internet bullshit, Tvtropes has an overexaggerated article on Nana's Everyday Life. According to this wiki, This WILL make you cry. That's dumb. I didn't even think about crying once while reading this webcomic. Actually, I laughed at the webcomic more than anything. What a stupid webcomic. That's aside from the point. is one of the worst websites on the internet, ever. Articles like this are a huge part of the reason why. Why would someone write this?

" isn't very fair, is it?"

After having spent her life being raised in a lab, Nana suddenly found herself living on the streets with no money, no food, no friends. Compounded by the fact that she had recently lost her limbs in an assassination attempt gone wrong, this proved to be a very trying experience for our young heroine. Yet her troubles were just about to begin...

A fan-comic based off of the Anime/Manga series Elfen Lied, coming to you courtesy of comic writer Dan Kim, Nana's Everyday Life branches off in a completely different direction from its source material, featuring several cast members from other series, as well as a few original characters.

Can be found here. Not Safe for Work.

It will make you cry.


Tropers are the pansiest people on the internet by god. Everything makes them cry and everything makes them jump in their seat.


Crosses the Line Twice: It veers at a non-euclidean angle to cross over an infinitude of lines that should not exist.

Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Despite everything she's gone through, when Nana dies, she resurrects the dead kitten she spent her last few hours of life with and makes flowers bloom in the alley she died in. Doubles as a major Tear Jerker. That tiny timeframe of happiness Nana has with Marcelo and Minami when they start paying more attention to her. They also never intended to abandon Nana. The plan was for Kurama to meet with Nana but Minami had faith that she would pick them over him. The ending also gets a little happier when one notices that the couple's shadows are seen as Nana dies.

Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: A common criticism by detractors. Nana's life sucks so very much that it can be difficult to care about what happens when you know it isn't going to get better for her.

Memetic Badass: Even people who have no soul cry at this!

Nightmare Fuel: Combined with Tearjerker. Nana's world is the sort of existential nightmare where life has no meaning, there will never be a happy ending, and no matter how you hope, no matter what sort of happy ending you may beg for, there will only be pain. And cuteness, which only makes it worse.

Tear Jerker: There's one on every page.

The Woobie: The armless, legless woobie who lives in a box.

This article veers into a non-eluclidian angle of bending over it's own back. Who does this guy think he is? Is this guy an analysist? I didn't cry at this and I have no soul what so ever, so your paper needed some peer review. If any tropers are reading this, if there was a trope that described jumping off of a bridge, would you do it?

That's about it for the people who read this crap. Now I have to talk about the webcomic itself.

the webcomic itself.

The webcomic starts out with Nana being naked and not getting food. I do not care about these things because I don't know anything about Nana. This is also very extreme, so extreme things that happen later will not shock me. In fact, after about twenty pages I wanted Nana to die a horrible death because I wanted to get the comic overwith. Later, Nana goes to school, and she doesn't have any friends. Once again, this webcomic can not shock me. Later, Nana gets her arms and legs removed and she gets dumped into a bush. I think that's neat. She gets picked up and moves into a back pack and the two go on an adventure. Nah, just kidding, she has to live in a house now. Then she leaves for no reason and gets sold into slavery (lol) but is saved by the man and the woman. I don't remember their names. Stupid shit happens and then Nana finds out that she was a cloning expirement the whole time. Wow! I wish I were a cloning experiment. After that, she has to do some epic parkour and get through a ventaliation shaft and appear in the ocean. I did a haha because this webcomic does a good job at mixing comedy with drama. Later, she finds some flowers and dies. It was a good thing that she died because if she didn't I would have jumped onto my magic flying persain rug and travel to not real land and kill her myself and then I would have killed all the clones and then sell them on the worlds equivilant of the deep web and then fly away and laugh.

Thoughts on the webcomic

This is the only relevant thing that Kim Jim or whatever his name is has made. Who whould have thought. Who cares about this webcomic? It is so bad I can't wait to not read another because there is no such thing as a great webcomic they all suck.


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