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Go fuck yourself

Twitter is a bad website that turns everyone into an egotist. You sign up and suddenly you are expected to tell everyone about yourself. I don't have the want or time to spend playing with the pesantry on a haiku simulator. Delete your account. Shits wack yo. SkullSkullSkullSkull

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Category Rating Notes
Artistic Value -6 Most of the art on here is nothing to turn your nose at.
Community -9 I don't miss any of you. Except @dril. And maybe @IDIOT_TEEN. I almost made a friend but he got banned before I did so this past year was a waste of time.
Cost 1 Ads
Didactic Undertones -2 Humans have some kind of built in entropy factor
Humor 2 Hit or miss. Sometimes someone will say something funny, but most twitter humor is really bad.
Intrigue -6 Boring
Irritability -10 Shut up
Philosophical Integrity -3 Who?
Pretentiousness -10 Oh yeah
Sophistication -7 I think some people were allright, most were manchildren.
Total -50 You deserve the fools you gardner.